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Stanford d.School Guides

The d.School guides are a set of 11 books that will help designers and creative thinkers in every field to change mindsets, develop new methods, and inspire people to approach their work in a new way.

I developed a custom typeface for the guide series, designed so the letterforms could grow on both the vertical and the horizontal axes, get bold or light, and provide every letter width between ultra condensed and extra wide. The result a d.Sign, a custom font with an ultra quirky personality, described by the d.School's Creative Director in the following way: "the vibe is a bit like classic Swiss typography squeezed through a play dough noodle extruder." 

Copy of Copy of dschoolGuides_R1_11-18-21_PatrickBeaudouin_IMG_5125.jpg

Expressive, experimental type pieces that remain legible are my jam. Please get in touch if your project could use some special sauce.

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