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Wear your year of the tiger (虎) tee with pride! The tiger is bold, dynamic, and protective.


The tiger is ferocious animal, but the Chinese also see them as protective. At the Lunar New Year, children often wear hats and shoes made in the shape of a tiger's head to protect them from evils.


Tigers harness a huge burst of energy during a hunt, and then eat the entirety of their prey and sleep for a week. As such, tigers represent the extreme ends of emotional, physical, and spiritual spectrum: ferocious/protective, energetic/lethargic, feast/famine—all contained within the same animal. A tiger’s stripes are symbolic of this yin/yang energy: the light and the dark are not binary, but complementary forces dependent on one another. 


Hanzimals is a modern interpretation of the Chinese zodiac: an icon/illustration of each zodiac animal combined with each animal's Chinese character, presented as a single glyph.


  • Orange graphic on solid black tee
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Each and every shirt is custom printed, so returns for incorrect sizing are not available. Please check the size chart carefully before placing your order!
  • US orders arrive within 2 weeks
  • Please read the shop policies! Refunds only available if item does not arrive or arrives damaged.

Hanzimals Chinese Zodiac Year of the Tiger (虎) Kids T-shirt (2-6yo)

  •   2YRS 4YRS 6YRS
    HEIGHT 32 - 36 36 - 40 40 - 43
    CHEST 21 22 23

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